About us

Stay Fit at Sea is a company that supplies to the shipping industry and offshore market. We take care of your crew welfare.

Covid-19 | Safety first
Stay healty, stay safe! With our selection of Covid-19 safety products, workers in the offshore industry can safely do their jobs.


  • 10 pcs x 3-ply face masks
  • 10 pairs x hand gloves
  • 10 pairs x shoe covers
  • 20 pcs x alcohol wipes
  • 1 bottle x handgel (50ml)
  • 1 pc x thermometer

Crew solutions

The safety of your crew is our number 1 priority, therefore we have launched our Stay Fit Kit, focusses on their health, safety and hygiene. This package has been carefully composed and is ideal, 1 per crew member.

Ship solutions

To make sure that the environment for the crew members and visitors on board is safe and hygienic, we have selected specific items to make that possible.